Bruce, et al

First off, let me begin by thanking you profusely for creating and maintaining MisterHouse.  I've been working with it only a few weeks now and it's depth and flexibility continue to amaze me!

I was having an issue with sending commands via AIM.  Whenever I would send a command via AIM I would see the error message "Error, net_im_send called with a missing argument:  from=[] to=[StreamingMeeMee] password=[]".

I finally tracked it down to having changed the 'display name' attribute of my MisterHouse screen name to use mixed case (MyGuyRoman) vs. what was configured in the private.ini file (myguyroman).  This caused a mis-match during the compare within oscar::get_net in and as a result, set the network to ICQ rather than AIM.  A quick change to the compare to lc the values fixed my problem.

----------- clip
sub oscar::get_net {
 my ($oscar)=@_;

 if (lc $oscar->screenname() eq lc $main::config_parms{'net_aim_name'}) {
    return 'aim';
 } else {
   return 'icq';
----------- clip

I hope this helps others that may have the same problem.