I have seen this when you choose one specific format for your modem and then you run a test in a different format.  Each of those test case of the caller id point to different formats.  For me, since I am running callerid format 4, I can only select for a test  2 or 4 because I am guesing the nmbr comes before name.  But that has been a while ago.


Bruce Winter wrote:
I searched from 'data not parsed' on my dad's machine, and don't
find it either. i went back to his logs, though, and sure enough,
that's what it said when I
ran 'Test callerid 7'. I figured it might be text that MH is
concatenating together, buy i couldn't find the word 'parsed' in
either callerid.pl or phone.pl.

do i need to install some external perl modules that i don't have?

scott reston

No, should not need any additional modules.   I'm stumped here.  I just did
a windows search for 'a word or phrase in files' for parsed in all the files
in the mh dir and did not find any code that would produce that message.
I guess I'd recommend you try the same thing.  Maybe it is in an older mh
distro or maybe some bad user code file you have.


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