Thank you Matt!! I tried to write something like this myself and failed miserably. But then, I'm a novice with perl. I've installed your revision of handy_net_utilities and it's connecting and it appears to be working without any serious hiccups. I do get a few basic errors while it's connecting, but they appear to be non-fatal errors. Heres a snippet (removing buddy names to protect the guilty):

Logging onto AIM with name=<my mh screen name> ...
Adding AIM buddy <buddy name>
OSCAR error: You have not finished signing on.
Adding AIM buddy <buddy name>
OSCAR error: You have not finished signing on.
AOL AIM Buddy <my mh screen name> logged on.
AOL AIM Buddy <buddy 1 name> logged on.
AOL AIM Buddy <buddy 2 name> logged on.
basic OSCAR service: Unknown extended info request

Like I said, nothing fatal and all the functions that I'm use to using work fine, which is limited to controlling a few lights at the moment. All in all I'd say it's an awesome first draft. Thanks again!!!


On 8/29/05, Matthew Williams <> wrote:
John Yonn wrote:
> Has anyone tried converting the to use
> Net::OSCAR instead of Net::AOLIM yet? As far as I can tell the TOC
> protocol is dead and not showing any signs of a return.
> Thanks,
> John

Well, I too found that my Mr House AIM user was no longer able to
connect.  I have taken a first stab at hacking handy_net_utilities to
use the Net::OSCAR module.  The enclosed version of contains this new code.  It is badly tested and
doesn't fully support ICQ yet as I just wanted to quickly see if I could
get a connection working.

Things I have kind of tested:
- logging on
- sending messages
- receiving messages

Try it out and let me know if you find any major bugs.  At the same
time, I'll be cleaning and commenting up the code and removing the old
TOC stuff.