I am not sure if you are using a different type I/O board, so here goes.  On a standard, whatever that is, system under windows, there is no com ports 3&4.  They are usually added in as modems etc. But if they are not a separate I/O board and using separate Interrupts, then your modem on COM2 and COM4 usually share the same interrupt and this can cause conflicts, especially when trying to control the two different devices on the same Interrupt.
  The interrupt is usually Interrupt 3 for COM2 and COM4 and Interrupt 4 for COM1 and COM3. So you might try just one at a time and change the MH.INI or if you are setting up your own private settings which will override MisterHouse's then use mh.private.


At 5/30/2001 03:26 Wednesday, you wrote:
I need help setting up Caller ID
I have two different types of modems that support caller id feature(I checked using hyperterminal--vcid=1).
I am only using phone_modem.pl right now to try to limit how much is ran for the modem(troublesooting)
When I lauch mister house, my phone log box says started and that is all. 
When  a call is recieved, my phone log does not display it, nor anything else but just started
My Mh.ini is follows:

# modem information

One modem is set for com2 the other is set for com4
any Ideas?
com4=modemblaster di5660