Just to be clear, it's not really that I can't see the state in the web interface, it's that the state of some linked modules aren't being updated to the correct value in MH.

If I press my button 3 on my keypad, the web UI shows me that the Kitchen_Pendants have changed state.
If I press my button 1 on my keypad, the web UI shows me that Kitchen_Ceiling (lights) have not changed state.  This is not correct.  If I were to run "status" for this item, it would again show correctly.

I did some debugging, and I have determined that in fact button 1 is treated differently.  I don't know why. In Insteon_Link :: set, members are only updated 
if ($self->is_plm_controlled or !($self->is_root) .  Button 1 is root.  If I change that line to 
if (1 or $self->is_plm_controlled or !($self->is_root))   i.e. do always
then my Kitchen_Ceiling module state updates properly in MH.

So my question is, why are members not updated in the case of Button 1?  Is this a bug?
Insteon_Link.pl, approx line 252.


On 2012-11-10, at 1:06 PM, Marc MERLIN <marc_mh@merlins.org> wrote:

On Fri, Nov 09, 2012 at 10:35:30PM -0500, Thomas MacLean wrote:
Hello All,

For years now, I have barely used the MH web interface because I haven't
been able to get my Insteon devices to show up with the correct state.  I

There are 2 places to see state.
1) the general place that was written for X10. This will be incorrect when
you use insteon because insteon does not change the status of the device
until the ack has been received and that happens after the web interface has

2) the insteon specific page, namely:
That one does not show device state, so it's not wrong :)

The only way to be sure that mh knows about device state is to display it
after the fact or to watch the insteon logs in debug mode.

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