A simpler solution for X10 powerline might be to get a signal bridge/amplifier. For the MR26, you can build a home brew antenna for less than $10. My MR26 with home brew antenna gives me a good 100ft range. Without the home brew antenna, my range was maybe 30ft on a good day. I made my antenna probably 4 years ago, so I don't remember the details but I bet a google search would yield the recipe that I used.
David Satterfield
>Hi All,

>I have noticed that my single CM12 is not able to control the whole
>house. Some sockets do not respond to the signals that are sent by it.
>Also I have just bought an MR26 to experiment with a motion sensor and
>have found the range to be quite poor. As an alternative to signal
>boosters I was thinking it would be great to simply get another CM12
>plugged in at the opposite side of the house, and likewise for the MR26.

>Does misterhouse support the connection of multiple CM12s or MR26s? If
>not how difficult would it be to change the code to allow for this?

>Many thanks,

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