Hi All,

Just wanted an opinion on how you think our current SCM system is.

Personally I would suggest we make a move to GIT. Its easier to maintain, Alot more descriptive when coming to source changes, VERY easy to deploy and much more up to date. Personally i feel that SVN is slowly dying, and only reason its still around because some people wont move on :p (Only my opinion)

Not to mention branching a project in GIT while you work on stuff so your changes dont go into trunk accidently is simple (If your on your branch) (git checkout ryan or git checkout master etc)

Now SVN does have its advantages, for example, GIT will not allow you to have an empty directory, it will not add/submit it to the source tree (I get round this by putting empty files in these, usually .placeholder or .ph)

SVN branching is very complex, and im always paranoid my changes are going to taint the entire tree, and branching is too dainting to make me want to branch. And from what i've seen, pulling changes from trunk or merging a branch back into trunk is also hell

SVN also lets you submit changes without first running svn up, git you must pull changes and merge (Or automerge if no conflicts arise) before you push to the branch.

So my question to you is, Do we keep SVN? Do we look at going to GIT? or both (Sync the two repo types)?

SVN and GIT are both freely and easily obtainable for all major operating systems.

For an Example of a private GIT repo, Here is my git source tree (Please no code stealing :p )




Ryan Davies