I'm from Israel and yes everything is 220v (and 50hr).
given that I'm taking down all the walls and rewiring all the electricity in the house wouldn't wired solution be the most chip and reliable solution?
I'm think of either pulling all power cords to one place in which I'll have some switches controlled by the system or send 12v wires to all power sockets, lights switches, windows etc.

Thanks for the fast replay :)

On Dec 29, 2007 7:03 PM, Gregg Liming <gregg@limings.net> wrote:
Quoting Neil Cherry (12/29/07 11:57 AM):

> Getting DMX integrated into MH shouldn't be difficult if it's
> not already included in MH. Serial type interfaces are the
> easiest to integrated.

... would be extremely easy if using xpl-perl as a dmx interface already
exists (http://wiki.binkey.nl/Xpl-dmx).


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