Well I have finally done it. Upgraded from Ver 2.99 to 2.105
A few problems, some of which never worked, also some that did but now don't after the upgrade.
First off, my system comprises of the following
Now for the problems
  1. The volume buttons on the MP3 screen  no longer work. Instead I get an error stating " The Web RUN command not found: Set the house mp3 player to Volume Down."
    These used to work fine in 2.99
  2. MP3 "Rebuild Database" no longer works. Accessed via a button on the MP3 page and bottom left area of the screen.
    This used to work fine in 2.99
  3. I want to get the floor plan working but get an ibutton error message when selecting the floor plan button in the Light Web Page
    Error = "http error in http eval of floorplan.pl: Can't locate object method "read_temperature_hires" via package "Hardware::iButton::Device::DS2406" at C:\MisterHouse\mh\bin/../lib/iButton.pm line 226, line 326. "
    I have put in what I believe are the required parameters in the "items.mht" file i.e.
        X10A,       A4,     Corner_Lamp,          House|Lights|Living_Room|LivingRoom(10;10),                     
        GROUP, LivingRoom,  Property(20;0;20;20)
  4. I have a WebCam that I would like to use but not sure on what is required.
    So far I have the following in the mh.private.ini file -
        wc_address_1=         - Actual Web Can
        wc_address_2=C:/MisterHouse/NWE_WebCam/image.jpg                                        - Just an image.jpg stored on the HD
    All I get is little boxes with red cross's?


Neil Wrightson.