I am very dependent on UPB - with 80+ nodes! I have only had a few glitches with lighting but I have been completely unable to get my RCS TU16 thermostat to work. I would love to see UPB continue to have updates and improved documentation (as well as help with my TU16 :-)



On Nov 27, 2011, at 10:26 PM, Jason Sharpee wrote:

Hi All,

  Wondering if anyone out there is still using depending on UPB?  I have an update that implements retry logic and wanted to know if I should try and get my SVN access going again.  Not exactly sure why I didnt implement this in the beginning but it is bothering me at my new home when UPB is busy and has collisions.

Also apparently some other changes of mine for the LOMP stuff appears to not be in the Gregg branch.

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