Hello All,


I started tinkering with Insteon and I have the 2412S module and some motion sensors up and running just fine.  I know you can do X10 with the Insteon PLM, but this isn’t working out as well for me.  I have had decent success with my X10 environment in the past and thus I think that part is decently ok.  When I try to use the Insteon PLM to be my X10 controller as well, it is not turning on lights in certain areas of my home (may be on a different phase, don’t know for sure), but these same lights were working just fine when using the Lynx10 module.


All of that said, I believe I need/want to use both the Insteon and Lynx10 interfaces.  With this configuration though, I am getting a bunch of X10 errors and collisions that I am comfortably sure wasn’t happening before the Insteon interface was introduced to the scene.


I would like to find a way to disable the X10 functionality of the Insteon interface—maybe not necessarily physically, but more in terms of MH’s ability to react/interpret X10 traffic on the Insteon interface.


Is this possible?