Hi all,

I’m happy to debut a “release process” that I think covers all of the concerns expressed over the past year.  If you are curious you can review Release process of a new stable release.  Comments are encouraged but let’s take it off the misterhouse-users list.  I think most users are tired of seeing mail on this topic (especially from me J).


The process was designed with command line steps so it might be automated with a Perl script in the future; for now it is manual and probably takes about 30 min for each new release.  The steps assume you are working in a Linux environment or have Cygwin on Windows.


Key points of releasing new MH code include:

·         User documentation is updated on SourceForge as before

·         A release tar/zip ball is kept current on SourceForge as before

·         SourceForge points users to GitHub for the code repository


There is an ongoing list of tasks for updates to the User documentation tracked in Issue #339.  If you are interested in helping with the documentation check out Maintaining MisterHouse Documentation then let others know what you are working on by commenting in Issue #339.


Finally MisterHouse is still in need of a release manager.  I’ll be happy to take the role for now and plan to be intimately involved in the upcoming v3.1 release regardless.  If anyone is interested in the role, PM me and we can discuss what the role entails.  You can find a description of the release manager role on the Project Governance page.





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Hi Lieven,

It's not difficult to upload code to SourceForge (I've had other projects on there), the problem is I don't have access (username/password) to the MH project.

I'm not sure if Mark/Jim do and they can add a fewe more of us as admins?



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Hi Lieven,

That SourceForge page ( http://misterhouse.sourceforge.net/ ) actually points to the v3.00 zip even though it says v2.200.

My issue is with the http://sourceforge.net/projects/misterhouse/?source=directory page that still lists the last version that was built on SourceForge v2.103 (sorry misread it before) that dates back to 2008... Looks bad...

It could really do with a newer zip uploading there... Or the whole project page just taking down...


Do you know how to upload a new zip release to sourceforge?   If you can find the instructions I’ll add that as a step in the “release process”.   There were objections to abandoning sourceforge outright because many web pages link to there for MisterHouse.  IMO, it would be ideal if we could continue to provide the “latest stable” release there in addition to keeping the documentation updated.


I would also add that there was a reason for the 'Stable' release of MH, things go wrong sometimes weeks after release and non-devs don't need the aggro that goes with bleeding edge code, hence the stable and latest releases in the old system.

I think we have this covered….  We have two branches on GitHub, stable and master.  Master is where we push all the bleeding edge code.  Stable is a major release (possibly with patches for bugs but I haven’t seen a process for patching stable yet).  Is this what you mean or are you implying we need two stable versions (i.e. stable and stable-1)?