I was playing with MH under Cygwin and noticed that I needed to manually set the broadcast address for xPL.  I had to go digging around in the lib/xPL_Items.pm code to find the parameters.  Ideally the config_parms{} settings are documented in mh.ini so that users know the available options and so that the web interface INI editor displays the parameters and help text.  I noticed quite a few items that are not documented in mh.ini.  Does anyone think I should “not” add all of these to mh.ini?


Already documented in mh.ini – no action needed

lib/Generic_Item.pm:  xpl_enable_items

lib/Generic_Item.pm:  xap_enable_items

lib/xPL_Items.pm:  xpl_disable

lib/xAP_Items.pm:  xap_disable



Not documented in mh.ini – I think these are the most important

lib/xPL_Items.pm:  xpl_nohub

lib/xPL_Items.pm:  ipaddress_xpl_broadcast

lib/xPL_Items.pm:  ipaddress_xpl

lib/xAP_Items.pm:  xap_nohub

lib/xAP_Items.pm:  ipaddress_xap_broadcast

lib/xAP_Items.pm:  ipaddress_xap



Not documented in mh.ini – I’ll also add these if no one thinks it is a bad idea

lib/xPL_Items.pm:  xpl_port

lib/xPL_Items.pm:  xpl_hbeat_interval

lib/xPL_Items.pm:  xpl_title

lib/xPL_Items.pm:  xpl_address  --> same as ipaddress_xpl ?? depricated?

     _process_incoming_xpl_hub_data() doesn't consider xpl_address, just ipaddress_xpl

lib/xPL_Items.pm:  title


lib/xAP_Items.pm:  xap_port

lib/xAP_Items.pm:  xap_hbeat_interval

lib/xAP_Items.pm:  xap_title

lib/xAP_Items.pm:  xap_send_interval

lib/xAP_Items.pm:  xap_hub_echo

lib/xAP_Items.pm:  xap_uid

lib/xAP_Items.pm:  xap_disable_target


code/common/xAP_send.pl:  xap_echo_all

code/common/xAP_send.pl:  xap_echo_weather

code/common/xAP_send.pl:  xap_echo_x10

code/common/xAP_send.pl:  xap_echo_speech

code/common/xAP_send.pl:  xap_echo_mhspeech

code/common/xAP_send.pl:  xap_echo_speech

code/common/xAP_send.pl:  xap_echo_mhspeech