The only place I find the phrase “Incoming data=” is the following:

bin/mh:4277:        print_log "X10: Incoming data=$event_data" if $config_parms{x10_errata} >= 4;


It seems that so long as you have not defined x10_errata or have defined it to a value < 4 then you should not get those logs.


This is the definition in mh.ini:

@ This defines how much incoming X10 data you want echoed to the print log:

@    1 -> no data

@    2 -> Errata on incoming data

@    3 -> " and notes dim, all on/off, merged, and duplicate X10 data

@    4 -> " and echos all incoming and outgoing data



You may have redefined it in your private ini file to 4. Setting it to 3 or less should eliminate the log message.





From: Craig Lindholm []
Sent: Saturday, June 22, 2013 1:13 AM
Subject: [mh] Print Log


In my print log, I always get two entry's for my x10 events such as shown below:

06/21/13 10:25:40 PM X10: Incoming data=XA1AK
06/21/13 10:25:40 PM XA1AK: Kitchen_MS off

Is there any way to hide the first entry (Incoming data=XA1AK)?


Ver. 2.200