I found an interesting tool and used it to create the UML for the Insteon classes.  Take a look:



BTW, the Github wiki is very archaic as wikis go.  I suspect you will find it worse than wikispaces.  It is significantly worse than mediawiki or tikiwiki based sites.  Creating that page “required” creating a clone repository and checking in the images.  The images cannot be scaled by the wiki markup so I had to create scaled versions.  It took a couple of tries to get it somewhat acceptable.



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I stumbled on these two websites today, which we could use to diagram various things in MH.  I made a quick markup in both of them:






The first one allows anyone with the URL to edit.  As simple ASCII art, it could be quickly added to a wiki.


The second one is a little more sophisticated, but that also makes the learning curve more steep.  If you want to play around and edit the second one, let me know, I think I have to send an invite from the website.  It appears that I can have up to 15 editors on a single document.