Hey all,
First, I want to say what a fine group of people you all are.  I have been a 'lurker' on this group for about 1.5 years now and I have greatly benefited from monitoring all the discussions.  This is my first message to the group.
Now for my problem.  I recently upgraded from 2.45 to 2.51.  When I upgraded, something happened to (I believe) the catch-up feature that was introduced back in 2.29.  Whenever I do something that makes mh pause (such as access the tk menus or do a long string of X10 commands), I get a message that says "(mh problem)" and in the dos window I get a 'bad command or filename'.
Do you have any advice on troubleshooting this problem?  I have tried different levels of 'Debug' and I haven't found one that gives me any help with this.
When I do my mh upgrade, I usually scan the new mh.ini and copy over any new parameters into my personal mh.ini.  I haven't used the 'mh.private.ini' method for updates, but maybe now it is time to start.
I am running the compiled version on windows 98.
BTW, I subscribe to the digest form of this group, so please excuse me if I delay a little in responding to your suggestions.
Thanks for your help.