The USB to serial adapters should be readily available in about the $15 range in NA for 1:1. I use several on MH without issue (but had similar problems to yours in the past where the device was intermittent).




From: Gianni Veloce []
Sent: October-14-12 4:18 AM
To: The main list for the MisterHouse home automation program;
Subject: [mh] MH usb 2 serial problems


Dear MH friends
Using MH for the last 10 years i am enjoying this great an free sw capabilities in my house. But the few late years i do not receive email from this list and i though it may be dead (same as MH development?)
The reason to write this is that very recently my MH running on Ubuntu 9 (old i know) is giving problems connected  with the usb to serial adapter (ftdi chip) i use to connect serial devices as alarm, ibutton, x10 to it.
Specifically after some days of operation it started giving errors in mh shell window as "oops write failed" referring to serial adapter. This error can be simulated when unplugging the usb to serial adapter from power, but as i use a ups this seems not to be the real reason behind. I have tried as workaround a daily reboot of the system but has also happended once during the day....
Could you pls give some hint or advice to debug this? I can imagine that trying with another usb to serial adapter would be a good idea but i dont have one and is very rare and expensive to find...

Thanks in advance

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