I would choose Linux over Solaris, just because there is more software available for Linux.  Things like drivers and sound software.  For example, I don't think ViaVoice TTS is available on Solaris for free.

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I am starting a new install of misterhome on a dell laptop. I did not see a FAQ, sooo.

Which is a better choice MS win 2000, Linux, Solaris to start with. I don’t mind changing later if it does not work out. I have very much Unix experience on Solaris and SCO UNIX, some on win 2000 and none on Linux. I use perl every day and a little HTML so that’s not an issue. I have a fixed ip address cable connection and want to get the whole web suite running eventually. Not to interested in talking to it, but like the idea of it keeping me up to date on what is going on by voice and email.

I have an Interlogic 1400e. I load my HA commands into it from a DOS program. I just turn lights on and off now.

First post for me so take it easy.