Hi, all (and Bruce, enjoy your cruise . . .)
Having problems with CM11 - with a fresh restart of MH (compiled vs. 2.15 on Win95), I can control my test lamp (family room lamp on A3) using the TK interface.
When I go to the HTML interface and click on the object, the object changes state on the screen, the log indicates the change but the lamp doesn't change state.  Shutting down the HTML interface and retrying the TK, it still does not respond.  When I hit the selection off the Items, X10 Items pull down menu, the system stops processing for something like 12 seconds and then the log indicates that the change occurred (although it really hasn't).  Checking the debug log (below), I'm seeing checksum errors from the CM11 - what causes these?  My setup here is basically unchanged since I started with MH back on version 1.51!!  The HTML interface has also worked since it was started up several versions back.
1)  Is there a way of running diagnostics on the CM11?  I have Perl 5.00503 loaded if anyone has some code that could work. (or maybe a code addition to MH???)
2)  Is there a replacement for the CM11 without buying the whole package (or going to Radio Shack - yuck!!)?
3)  Is there a way of opening a TK Window in which the debug log can be displayed?  When I log to debug.log, I cannot open the log for several minutes (even with MH no longer running) because the log program still thinks its being written to.  I usually drag the log to MS Word where I'm allowed to make a copy of it.  If I don't send the debug data to a log, I get a buffer overflow because of all the CM11 errors.