I had purchased one about 5 years ago to control 2 garage doors, collect some timing on how often my water pump ran, and as a water leak detector.  It functioned well as an input device to trigger actions within Misterhouse when a particular input was triggered.  I had to use X10 commands in order to control the relays to open and close the garage doors.  You could not use Insteon commands to control a relay or respond at the same time.  I have since replaced that functionality with a 1-wire board so have not tried the newer versions of the Insteon code.





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In short, no MH does not support the EZIO8SA.  Luckily the command set appears to be nicely documented, so adding support shouldn't be too difficult.


I have thought about the EZIO8SA before, but $150 for it plus another $80 for the required PLM meant that multiple IOLincs at $45 a pop were always a better deal for my situation.


On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 11:12 AM, Brad Yarotsky <brad@happyhammer.com> wrote:

Does any know if the MH supports the EZIO8SA (31273)? I see from the MH website that the device is "not specifically supported" but does anyone have any experience with this before I order one?








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