I'm running version 2.73 on Windows NT 4.0 currently. After 11:00 PM, once the main downstairs motion timer expires (assumes we've all gone to bed, no longer on main floor) MH goes to mute mode, and drops the volume to 50%. After 6:00 AM, once motion is first detected on the main floor, it comes out of mute mode, and raises to 60% volume. After 8:30 AM, volume is raised to 100%.
   The problem I'm having, is the volume is never lower than full volume. If I edit the mh.private.ini parm, the volume level changes. Running the "test volume at 60" voice command works perfectly.
Here's a sample few lines from my auto_mute.pl file:
if (time_now '8 pm') {
  $config_parms{sound_volume} = 80;
  $Save{sleeping_kids} = 1;
Saving a new volume level seems to be ignored.
Does anyone else have the same experience?