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Subject: [misterhouse-users] Feedback and direction on a commercial port of MisterHouse

Misterhouse Support forum:

 I am an avid Misterhouse user, a huge Open Source fan, and admitted longtime Misterhouse support mailinglist lurker.

 I have been working for the last few months on getting a major Home Networking products manufacturer to launch a consumer focused Connected Home products program available through retail channels.  The Home Networking marketplace has been exploding for the last 2 years but has given the average home user nothing more than shared Internet access. I have setup Misterhouse for many of my friends and they have enjoyed the Internet data collection, Intranet management and networked MP3.playback immensely.

 This manufacturer will be developing pre-packaged engineered kits that will offer a single specific Integration feature (e.g. PC Telephony integration, PC to TV integration, PC IR control of home stereo) The glue that will integrate all of the disparate kits will be a Misterhouse based product.  I am very close to getting the manufacturer to fund the needed improvements to make Misterhouse a mainstream consumer product.

 The Initial step will be to focus on making Misterhouse easier to use from a UI standpoint:

7        Formalized directory structure

7        Easier setup

7        Wizards

7        Intranet templates (Skins)

Added features to the program will be (from other Open Source Initiatives)

The base package described above will ship with all the manufacturers routers (around 3,000 new Misterhouse users a month).

I am announcing this a little early (the deal could still fall through) because, I want to leverage the immense talent of the Misterhouse user community.  I need your help and direction.-+*



William Bruggemeier


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