That sounds unusual.  I assume that you have checked all the obvious;
1) power supply is functioning (e.g. correct voltage under load)
2) Antenna is really connected.
3) Shielding is not occurring. (e.g. computer cabinet between the tx and rx ...) your body, etc ...
4) Sources of interference around the same frequency - other X10 transmitters / receivers - cordless powers, wireless remote controls
I have the same dipole antenna - at the end of 100 ft of coax - receiving signals from DS-10A sensors at 100 ft through an external wall with bricks.
If possible I would take the thing to a computer in one room and play with it to see what improves the range. It's definitely not what I would expect for it.
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Well, this isn't exactly a MH question, but it's HA related, and I know plenty of you use the W800RF32A.
I just bought one...finally, and the range it seems to pick up is horrible. I am just using the antenna that came with it, and have tried various places in the house. I have also tried every remote/motion detector in my arsenal and even the best have a pretty short range (less than 10 feet thorugh a stud wall).
From everything I have read, people are getting much better range than this most of the time. Anyone have any tips on improving this.