I really like action and I think that there are some constructive things you and the rest of us can accomplish. I also think that we should categorize the problem (I think I did that in my earlier email) and then discuss the solutions.  A team approach with open discussion has historically worked well in this project.


Can you explain your approach to each of the three types of documentation that I described?






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Subject: Re: [mh] Permissions to update sourceforge HTML pages


I don't quite agree with that statement. There are projects with a list of
developers and no dictator in charge like linux. Some do quite well.


LOL! I don't think I meant dictator :) However if we can all agree to where we want to put everything and then make it happen that would be great!


I for one am in favor of Git like I stated before, a splash screen on and maybe buy the .org as well? I would gladly donate the .org domain to the cause and can point it to git or where ever...


I have started to make an outline for the docs that are on wikispaces and also misterhouse to be brought over to Git. I am just learning Git and am wanting to see if there is an easier way then copy/paste but if not I have no problem spending several hours during the evening starting to copy over the docs and then update as we go on Git...


However I don't want to be doing that if people are still updating wikispaces while I am copying over...


I also am preparing an update to the windows install that is on MH right now, because the current info is outdated...