Hi.  I want to run a file copy command after a delay of 2 seconds.  MH.html docs show the run_after_delay function must have the command to run either in double quotes or within a subroutine.  The copy cmd below requires double quotes  but the run_after_delay function also requires them too.  When I use two sets of double quotes perl complains.  Help with this syntax would be much appreciated.  I was unable to declare a subroutine in my code such that MH complained of using strict for subs.  A little help on properly declaring a subroutine suitable for the strict pragma would be appreciated too.  Thanks, Lincoln
The line below needs the contents after the first comma in double quotes.  Two sets of double quotes is not taken to kindly by perl here.

run_after_delay 2, copy($imageFile,"$webPath $activeCam.jpg");