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Mission X / News: Recent posts

MissionX 1.2 released

The new version of MissionX has been released. Here's a list of what's new and the minimum requirements. Download and enjoy!
Minimum requirements: (Very low, low, medium graphics quality)
Windows XP/Vista/7 (both x86 or x64 versions are supported), Linux x86 (game tested on debian and ubuntu), Mac OSX (not tested)
1 GHz CPU (Intel Pentium 3 or AMD K7)
512 Mb RAM
64 Mb video card with OpenGL 1.2 support (Intel GMA 945, nVidia Geforce 4 mx series, ATI radeon 8000 series)
250 Mb free space on hard drive... read more

Posted by Federico Dossena 2010-07-23

Version 1.2 coming soon

The new version of MissionX is coming in a few days. The main innovation this time is the new game engine, the EasyWay 4.5 Game Engine allows MissionX to be run on almost any computers, including old ones and even netbooks (tested on eeepc 1008p with openGL 1.4 support). Unlike its predecessor used in the current version of MissionX, this Game Engine can easily "adapt" to older computer, supporting openGL versions from 1.2 (1998) to 4.0 (2009) without problems.
Other changes include various bug fixes, changeable resolution (any 4:3 resolution is now supported instead of 1024x768 only), and low resolution textures for old computers and netbook. In detail: very low, low and medium graphics quality use low resolution textures and should allow MissionX to run on computers with only 256MB of ram and computers with outdated video cards (tested on a 16MB video card); high graphics quality use high resolution textures, and a video card with atleast 128MB of RAM is recommended, along with a minimum of 512MB of system RAM.
The Mac OSX version remains untested because i don't have a mac, nor my friends do. If you want to be a tester, just contact me (

Posted by Federico Dossena 2010-07-12

Stable version finally released!

We skipped the release candidate, and now the final version of MissionX is ready.
Changes since Beta1:

- Performance improvements
- Added support for HTTP Proxy (for auto updater)
- Improved support for mods
- JRE Updated to version 6u20
- Added experimental support for Mac OS X (not tested)
- LWJGL Updated to version 2.4.2
- New splash screen
- Minor changes and fixes

Posted by Federico Dossena 2010-06-12

Some plans

Since we got a lot of downloads from mac users, we're trying to make the game work under mac. It seems to be harder than we expected, but we can make it. We're also gonna add some voice acting and a lot of optimisations

Posted by Federico Dossena 2010-04-18


The new version is now available for download!

Posted by Federico Dossena 2010-04-15

Beta 1 finally ready!

The new release is finally ready and is being uploaded right now.
Here's a brief summary of what's new in this release:
* Fixed game not starting when using ATI 10.x drivers
* A new level
* Two new bosses
* Added credits after destroying Macron
* Fixed gamepad not working under linux
* Fixed a bug that caused slowdowns and crashes in levels 3 and 4
* 3 new songs
* Some graphical enhances
* Memory usage reduced to up to 50% compared to Alpha 9
* Minor changes and fixes

Posted by Federico Dossena 2010-04-15

Gamepad, joystick and linux issues

I'm happy to say that MissionX gamepad support works almost perfectly on both Windows and Linux, and it also support the XBox 360 controller. However, i found 2 main issues with the Linux version:
-first of all, the controls are not very fluid, for both the mouse and the gamepad. this issue is probably related to the jinput libs and i have no idea how to fix it
-you get no sound if MP3 support isn't installed (and of course i cannot include it with the game), but you can dowload it using synaptic or adept

Posted by Federico Dossena 2010-04-10

1000th download

Today, april 9, 2010 we reached our 1000th download at 11:14:44 AM GMT+1!
Thank you very much!

Posted by Federico Dossena 2010-04-09

Beta 1 almost ready!

The new version is coming in a couple of weeks, as soon as it'll be ready.
Here's a brief summary of what's new in this release:
-new level
-2 new bosses
-new effects for explosions
-a new powerup
-lwjgl updated to version 2.3 and support for latest ati drivers (this fixes the "Play button doing nothing" bug on those drivers)
-music for the menu
-some bug fixes

Posted by Federico Dossena 2010-03-30

Alpha 9 finally RELEASED

The new version has been released. It took a bit longer than expected, but a lot of improvements were made to the game.
New stuff:
- Added a new level
- Added a new boss
- Support for most gamepads and joysticks
- AI Improvements and fixes
- Some new music and graphics
- A lot of technical improvements
- Minor changes and fixes

Posted by Federico Dossena 2010-03-04

Alpha 9

Alpha 9 is almost ready. I'm planning to upload it by next sunday.
It features:
-a new level
-a new boss (probably)
-gamepad/joystick support
-some new music
-some technical changes
-some other minor changes and fixes, as well as new instructions for map files

Posted by Federico Dossena 2010-02-21

New website

Now we have a redesigned website!
Take a look:

Posted by Federico Dossena 2010-02-05

Alpha 9 plans

Alpha 9 development has started yesterday.
Our plans are to create a new level, a new boss, and to make some changes to the second boss because the ai sucks and the graphics ain't very good.
Some other new features will probably be added too

Posted by Federico Dossena 2010-01-28

Alpha 8

The new version is coming soon!
MissionX Alpha 8 features a new level, a new boss, some new graphics, new music, a lot of bug fixes and technical improvements, a scripting system (thanks beanshell!) and support for custom maps.

Posted by Federico Dossena 2010-01-17