#51 Incorect texture rendering after copy/paste

Textures (6)

Reported by dvh in forum:

I found bug which probably appeared also in older version but only now I managed myself to catch the exact situaltion when bug appeared. Tested in svn revision 438.

How to reproduce:

1. Add two visually different materials mat1 and mat2 with textures
2. Create first box and add it to group grp1, assign mat1 for this group
3. Create second box and add it to group grp2, assign mat2 for this group

(now we duplicate both boxes one by one)

4. Select grp1, press Ctrl+C,Ctrl+V, move it some place else
5. Select grp2, press Ctrl+C,Ctrl+V
6. Suddenly box created in step #4 changed it's texture

It's hard to work when textures are randomly changing.

Video is here (notice that bottom left box changes texture after paste of fourth box): http://www.tuxtube.net/video/58/MM3D-bug


  • Kevin Worcester

    Kevin Worcester - 2009-03-11

    Fixed in rev 439.

  • Kevin Worcester

    Kevin Worcester - 2009-03-11
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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