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Version 3.5 is coming

I have just released the first alpha of 3.5, and it is a much lighter weight system than all of the previous ones. Please bear in mind that the gui is only mostly complete, and some of the buttons don't work yet, but over the next couple of weeks there will be some more alpha releases.

Posted by tim 2008-02-08

Version 3.1.0 is here

There are quite a few enhancements available in this version. First of all, now when you open files, it doesn't automatically create a new project for you. It will now add to your project. Also, the create button works correctly now.

So, please download, and enjoy.
Thank you,

Posted by tim 2007-08-09

3.0.2 is now available for download

The GUI has been slightly tweeked, and I feel it is a nicer product than before. I have also begun work on Assembler2.0 and it is available to test in this version. You just have to go to Assembler, Select Assembler Version. So, check it out, test out the new assembler, and see for yourself.

Posted by tim 2007-07-27


3.0.1 was just released today, and a lot of gui elements that were taken away were added back again. I hope that it promotes people to use my newest version, because there are many fixes and speed improvements over all previous versions.

Posted by tim 2007-07-23

Version 3.0.0 Alpha 1

Finally, an actual alpha is available. Don't be fooled by the term alpha in here, this alpha is as good as some of my final releases in the prevsious versions. Infact, I would argue that it is better than the 2.5 final. If you want an instant performance increase, and the ability to work with multiple asm files at the same time, download this version.

Posted by tim 2007-07-16

Version 3.0.0 Preview Release

There is currently a Version 3.0.0 preview available for download on the download page. It features many improvements over previous versions, and is a considerably more capable simulator.

It is still technically pre-alpha, and is not the default download.

Posted by tim 2007-07-13

Version 2.5 is Finally HERE!!!!

I have finally gone ahead and ok'd the release of version 2.5.0, and it is a massive improvement over all previous versions.

Also, more work will be going into the design for the new assembled type, along with some new features that will almost certainly speed up the simulation speed. Unfortunately this will slow down the speed of assembly. But you have to have some form of give and take.

Anyway, upgrade to the final version if you haven't already.
Thank you,

Posted by tim 2007-07-02

version 2.2 released

There were some bugs found in previous versions, and a number of other enhancements found in this release.

Also, all of the system calls are now implemented, and you may play with them as you see fit. It will allow you to request more space for memory if you like.

I aim to have text highlighting working by the next version, and a bunch of other little goodies.

Thank you,

P.S. The branch is not quite as feature complete as the trunk, but all of the new features will be migrated to it as time progresses. This is because of the way that its coding structure differs from the trunk, and not laziness.

Posted by tim 2007-06-22

total sf migration

As some of you may know, I have been running this project accross two different servers for quite some time now, and this may have been annoying to some of you. I am writing this now to say that I have moved the svn repository to source forge, and it can now be accessed there. It is up to date with the most recent code, and you can check it out by using this command

svn co https://mipsassembler.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/mipsassembler mipsassembler... read more

Posted by tim 2007-06-19

2.1 release candidate stages

I am very near completing version 2.1, infact I am so close, that I am willing to call this a release candidate. A few minor bugs were quashed since the last beta. Since it has all of the features that are needed for 2.1, and no new bugs were reported, I feel confident to call this a release candidate.

Also, the reason I am putting the betas and release candidates up as primary downloads is very simple, they are of the same usable quality as the last version but with bug fixes and added features. I test all of the old features to ensure that nothing is broken, so it is of the same high quality as previous versions.... read more

Posted by tim 2007-06-08

Version 2 Released

There were many bug fixes in this release, and it has multiple speedups. The assembler is fully functional, minus the bug tracking features that are slated for the next release. Infact it has more features that it is able to assemble than the simulator knows how to deal with.

All of the major core features are working, and fully tested. No bugs are know, they may exist, but they have as yet to be found.

Posted by tim 2007-05-21

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