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pspsdk 0.9.6 is out!

Lots and lots of new fixes and new features!!!

Posted by Paulo Lopes 2010-06-22

pspsdk 0.8.2 is out!

The first official build of 0.8 releases is out. This release starts the development of SDKs with GCC 4.3.0 and GDB 6.8 and the initial support for Windows Vista.

Posted by Paulo Lopes 2008-05-15

PSPSDK 0.7.3 is out!

Updated the SDK so you can now use the internal browser.

Posted by Paulo Lopes 2008-04-29

PSPSDK 0.7.2 is out!

There's a new build of the SDK. This time it just updates it's code to the latest SVN and reduces the differences from the SVN patches and Windows Specific patches.

Posted by Paulo Lopes 2008-04-14

more devpaks

giflib and libpspmath are the new added devpaks

Posted by Paulo Lopes 2008-04-09