About group mail system

  • Prakash

    Prakash - 2011-10-09

    is there any grouping mail of minorthird, so that I could get the mail from member of the group, and also I could reply them. Can anybody help me to find out the group mail.

  • Frank Lin

    Frank Lin - 2011-10-09

    There is no group mail system. Sorry.

  • Prakash

    Prakash - 2011-10-10

    Frank, cannot we create, I think it would be much easier for all of us . or even it would be good if we create google group.

  • Frank Lin

    Frank Lin - 2011-10-10

    People who are supporting minorthird are already monitoring all minorthird forums on SF - we get email in our inbox just as if it were a google group. Every SF user, including you, have the option of also watching a forum or thread. Creating a google group would be redundant.


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