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ChangeLog Update 08/07/10:

# System tray icon ug fixes
# Left click tray menu fused with right click menu
# Left click to bring back main form or hide if already visible

Posted by mypi 2010-07-09

Changelog Update 03/07/10:

# Corrected system tray context menu display
# Added left click system tray icon volume context menu
# Corrected info when hovering system tray icon when player on pause or stop
# Corrected startup error

Posted by mypi 2010-07-03

Changelog Update 02/07/10:

# Corrected restoring playlist on startup
# Song names and artists names imported in unicode encoding
# Resize form available
# Restores last form size on startup
# Minimize to system tray added
# Right click context menu when minimized to system tray added
# Minimizing and normalizing from taskbar corrected
# Show song artist+title when hovering the system tray icon
# Play previous and next song buttons added
# System tray context menu enhanced

Posted by mypi 2010-07-02

ChangeLog Update 20/06/10:

# Option Play Every X Song (works similiar to shuffle except user can specify the jump between songs)
# Remember Play Every X Song configuartion on startup option added
# When saving Play Lists ads ".ms" extension autoamtically
# When opening Play List shows only ".ms" extensions

Posted by mypi 2010-06-20

100% CLEAN Softpedia award for MiniSound

Posted by mypi 2010-06-19

ChangeLog Update:

# Drag and drop folders or files onto playlist fixed and tested
# Volume control fixed (instead of max vol -/+ 5% showed -/+ 5% of prev vol setup)
# Fixed taskbar icons of About/Themes/TrackInfo forms

Posted by mypi 2010-06-19

ChangeLog Update:

# Drag and drop folders onto playlist
# Volume control replaced by volume buttons (nicer interface?)

Anyone got any ideas what to add next?

Posted by mypi 2010-06-17

ChangeLog Update:

# Code fixes and improvements
# Shortcuts fixes
# Desktop icon fixed
# Add music folder
# Add music sub folders (if any) when adding music folder
# Right click - display Song Info
# Corrected playlist saving when adding folders
# Loop one song
# Corrected time display

Known bugs:
# ???

If you see any bugs please let me know on the forums
Any missing feature you would like to see? Let me know also! I will do my best to improve the program you see fit.... read more

Posted by mypi 2010-06-15


First of all many thanks to Kubisz for help in Alpha and Beta testing.
The program was initially designed to minimalise memory load and CPU usage that other media players caused, but it turned out that it wasn't that easy.
I came up with the initial design, I do prefer small and simple things over complicated ones that have a lot of unnecessary options and so on.

The purpose of this software is very simple to play mp3 and wma files and also to create and save playlists, nothing more nothing less.... read more

Posted by mypi 2010-06-14


The easiest and fastest way to operate around the MiniSound is through the shortucs, which are also visible when you visit menu.
Current shortcuts are as follows:

CTRL+O | Add songs to playlist
ALT+D | Delete selected songs
CTRL+Z | Exit program
CTRL+P | Open playlist
CTRL+S | Save playlist
CTRL+C | Clear playlist
CTRL+X | Always on top
CTRL+T | Theme chooser
CTRL+A | About
CTRL+U | Move selected song up the playlist
CTRL+D | Move selected song down the playlist... read more

Posted by mypi 2010-06-14

ChangeLog Update

# User interface created
# Play, pause and stop mp3 and wma files added
# Create, open, save and clear playlist option
# Delete selected from playlist

# Volume control added
# Always on top available
# Music song tag reading intergation added
# Show currently played song name
# Show current position when playing song

# Shortcuts added
# Themes availability
# Last theme remembered on next sturtup
# Next song on playlist played automatically... read more

Posted by mypi 2010-06-14

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