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  • Andrea Righi

    Andrea Righi - 2003-11-13

    If you would like a particular tutorial, howto or documentation about minirighi or something concerning the OS development in general, please leave a message here... Some under-construction works have been started and we have to decide which one will be better appreciated...
    Thanks, Andrea.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i want tutorial on  rtl8139  in english.
      can you please translate documentation of your project in english.

      • Andrea Righi

        Andrea Righi - 2003-12-07

        OK, it will be done ASAP...

      • Andrea Righi

        Andrea Righi - 2003-12-14

        Sorry but, for now, I am making all the Minirighi projects alone... :(

        As it regards the document I have translated in english only the part concerning the device driver for the RTL8139 controller. If I've understood well this is just the part that interests to you... Moreover I've added/rewritten some parts that I did not like at all!

        For the other layers (ethernet and TCP/IP stack) I think you will have to wait for a while again... If you are impatient and you don't care about the ethernet & TCP/IP I can send to you what I've made until now by email...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i'll wait

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      thanks Andrea Righi for your help.here is my email
      address        catchshahzad@hotmail.com                 

      Please send me the documentation for RTL8139 as
      early as possible.
      If i get some problem in your driver,should i mail you or post on this forum.

    • Andrea Righi

      Andrea Righi - 2003-12-16

      I've just sent the document to your email...
      ASAP it will be fully available also in the download section.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      thanks again.i've recieved your  mail.
      For what type of examination did your build this OS
      from scratch.
        When we consider documentation and readability of code,I should say  MINIRIGHI is  probably the best immature OS.

    • Andrea Righi

      Andrea Righi - 2003-12-22

      Thanks :)


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