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Minion 0.9 released

Minion version 0.9 has now been released at sourceforge. Cygwin,
Windows, Linux and Mac binaries and the source can be downloaded from .


New features:

- added ability to abort and resume runs
- added lex[rv] (which achieves GAC with repeated variables) and lex[quick]
- added -cpulimit flag to limit CPU rather than wall time

Misc improvements:... read more

Posted by Lars Kotthoff 2009-08-21

Minion 0.8.1 released

Minion version 0.8.1 has now been released at sourceforge. Cygwin,
Linux and Mac binaries and the source can be downloaded from .


- the code was cleaned up and modularised to be more easily
understandable and modifiable
- more information is made available in INFO mode
- some minor bugfixes

Performance enhancements:
- bound checks for Boolean variables are more efficient
- input files are parsed faster... read more

Posted by Lars Kotthoff 2009-04-06

Minion 0.8 released

Minion version 0.8.0 has now been released at sourceforge. Cygwin,
Linux and Mac binaries and the source can be downloaded from .

Users who use pre-compiled binaries should find any existing problem
files run the same as before. Building from source has changed
substantially, with Minion now requiring both the 'cmake' build system
and 'boost' C++ library. Full instructions are included in the source
package.... read more

Posted by Lars Kotthoff 2009-02-18

Minion 0.6.0 released

Bugs fixed:

* -check was always enabled. This slowed down problems which found many solutions (hundreds per second)

New features:

* hamming, watchedvecexists_less, watchedvecexists_and, negativetable.
* Faster performance at root node.
* New algorithm for solving problems whose solutions for a group.
* Accept gzipped and bzip2ed input.
* Better error messages from invalid command line options or input files.
* -check now faster when activated.
* Documentation improvements.
* Many internal improvements and cleanups.

Posted by Peter Nightingale 2008-05-22

Minion 0.5.1 released

We have released version 0.5.1 of Minion. It is mainly a bugfix release compared to 0.5.0.

For detailed changelog from 0.5.0 see

Posted by gentian 2008-02-08

Minion 0.5.0 released

We released an upgraded version of Minion on 15th January 2008. This is version 0.5.0.

There are many bugfixes from 0.4.1. Major changes are a new input format which is much easier to use, although the old format is accepted for backwards compatibility. The program is now self documenting through the command line interface.

Posted by gentian 2008-01-17

Minion 0.4.1 Released

Before 0.4.0 was even added to the news, 0.4.1 comes out.

The biggest addition to the 0.4.0 series is MUCH faster table constraints.

Posted by Azumanga 2007-03-04

Minion 0.3.3 Released

We have released version 0.3.3 of Minion. The most noticeable change is that the Manual is now up to date! There are a number of other bugfixes as well.

Posted by gentian 2006-10-17

0.3.2 Release

This is a quick update. The major bug fixed is that the windows version didn't actually work :( A couple of other minor bugs were fixed.

Posted by Azumanga 2006-09-19

0.3.1 Released!

Even before release 0.3 of Minion was properly announced, 0.3.1 is out!

This version has a few more bugs fixed, and a couple of new constraints added.

Posted by Azumanga 2006-09-09

Minion 0.2.2 Released

Minion 0.2.2 contains significant bugfixes over the earlier release candidates, as well as new benchmarks and improved compiler options for making. This version was used for running experiments reported in our ECAI 2006 paper available from our project home page,

Posted by gentian 2006-05-11

Release Candidate out!

A new release of Minion has been released. Many, many bugs have been fixed over the previous version. Binaries for windows are available, other users will have to compile. Feel free to ask on the mailing list if you need any help with anything, or just to say you have downloaded it!

Posted by Azumanga 2006-04-26

First Version Release

The first version of Minion has been released. It is unfortunatly poorly documented. Expect better documentation soon!

Posted by Azumanga 2006-03-07