Minion 0.8.1 released

Minion version 0.8.1 has now been released at sourceforge. Cygwin,
Linux and Mac binaries and the source can be downloaded from .


- the code was cleaned up and modularised to be more easily
understandable and modifiable
- more information is made available in INFO mode
- some minor bugfixes

Performance enhancements:
- bound checks for Boolean variables are more efficient
- input files are parsed faster

Other changes:
- the build system now provides make targets to run the tests
- builds are not done in the main direcotry anymore, but in a separate
directory (meaning that you can have as many different builds of
the same source as you like)
- better Cygwin support

The Minion Development Team.

Posted by Lars Kotthoff 2009-04-06

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