OK, let's switch to Czech.


problem bude pravdepodobne v modulu prevodniku USB-EPP, kdy asi dochazi k falesnemu zapisu do Control Registru.

Napady k vyzkouseni:
1) firmware 2.x (ma trochu jinak resene dekodovani)
2) pouzit 74HCT4053 misto 74HC4053


On 02/11/2014 09:32 AM, Ivan Rýger wrote:
Dear Jan, Thank you for the time spent on my e-mail. We can switch to Czech, if you want to.

1. I am using FW "timeanalysis 1.x" from this page: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=129283&package_id=142466

2. I built a slightly modified HW with USB converter FT2232D and 74HC4053 instead of LPT port. The circuit comes out from your version of USB converter on your webpage 
(http://minila.sourceforge.net/hw/usb/usb_sch_1.1.pdf). The printed circuit board is also modified for this circuit, so that both logic analyzer and USB interface are on one double sided printed circuit board. I got this schematic and board from user "WASHU" from svetelektro.com webpage. This version was tested by several builders and was proven to be OK.

3. Now, I cannot test the communication via LPT port, as long as it is missing on this modified PCB.

4. If I do not set the trigger event, the analyzer does the same. Data is not captured and all three LEDs blink only for a short moment.

As I have already written, the communication with PC is probably OK, as long as your SW minila.exe reads the firmware version correctly.

I have one question, how does the hardware unit inform the PC that the trigger event has come and the sampling was finished? 

I am afraid that something wrong happened to CPLD. I have one more piece for replacement.

With my best,

2014-02-10 20:14 GMT+01:00 Jan Smrz <jan.smrz@volny.cz>:

in order to help you I will need some additional informations.

1) What firmware are you using?
2) What HW are you using? (there are several other versions on the internet)
3) Is it happening when you use LPT port?
4) What happens if no trigger is set? Are data captured correctly?


Dne 10.2.2014 15:50, Ivan Rýger napsal(a):
> dear all,
> I have recently built the miniLA analyzer. I have following problem
> When the analyzer is connected to PC via USB port, the control
> software reads the version of firmware correctly, but when I set up
> trigger and start acquiring data, three LEDS flash for a short time,
> even if the trigger event did not come. The device does not wait on
> trigger event. No data is transferred to PC. The firmware is uploaded
> into XC95288 correctly. I tested the " LED blinking software" and it
> is working.
> I am very beginner in CPLD's.
> Please can you help me?
> --
> Ivan

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