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After installing minidlna from cvs sources I found that, while playing mpeg-2 video streams works on my Sony KDL40W5800, showing jpeg images or streaming mp3 audio does not. I can see the directories containing jpg/mp3 data, but not the files contained in them. If I try to enter one of these directories, I get a message claiming that there is no usable data contained. Not sure if this is a problem of minidlna or my TV.


  • Craig Chambers

    Craig Chambers - 2010-04-09

    Hi Thomas,

    I have a 40W5500 (which I think is essentially the same TV), and I have no such problem. I know that's not a lot of help to you!

    I probably sound like 1st line tech support, but one thing to try is to delete the database and try again. Stop the server, then:
    rm -r /tmp/minidlna/

    If you run it as root, or at start-up you'll need to sudo. Then restart the server.
    Crude, but sometimes effective (in the absence of an answer from Justin).

    You don't really provide any info for devs to help you...
    If it's still doesn't work, then can you run the server in debug mode (-d flag). It should give you more info.
    Post the logging info as an attachment on here (found in /tmp/minidlna/minidlna.log - I think!).


  • Thomas Koeller

    Thomas Koeller - 2010-04-13
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  • Thomas Koeller

    Thomas Koeller - 2010-04-13

    Thank you Craig,

    re-creating the data base helped (although I was rather sure having tried that before). I must have been confused by Sony's irritating menus where you do not find your photos under 'All Pictures'.


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