Mark Thompson - 2013-12-15

I just ran 'portsnap update' and it says the ports tree is already up to

Under '/usr/ports/net/minidlna/files' there are several patch files. Do I
need to run something special to make those work during the build? They
seem to have the changes you are talking about.

So I looked at using 'ee' and at line 456 the single line
change is present, the addition of 'sys/event.h' with matches the expected
change. Also I have '' without the change and is expected.

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Are you sure that your port snapshot is up-to-date? According to your files,
patches to enabling kqueue-related defines weren't applied at

[patches:#106] Support for the BSD family (kqueue-based monitoring)

Status: open
Created: Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:48 PM UTC by hedger Last Updated: Sun
Dec 15, 2013 05:18 PM UTC
Owner: nobody

I've implemented a kqueue/kevent-based filesystem polling. Tested on FreeBSD
9.1-RELEASE amd64.
Also avaliable at my github

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Patches: #106