#120 For v 1.1.3 - Virtual folders, device based bookmarks, samsung dcm config

Unstable (example)

Various improvements:
- added 2 virtual folders for videos
1) "Latest", showing the latest 50 (it's a constant) added videos
2) "Last viewed", showing the latest 50 (it's a constant) viewed videos, in descending order
- restored the FLAG_SAMSUNG_DCM10 for ESamsungSeriesCDE, based on a configuration flag (default disabled)
- added support (configurable, default disabled) for device-based bookmarks. For example, suppose I view a video on device 1 and stop playing after 10 minutes, while my son view the same video in his room (device 2) and stop playing after 40 minutes. Enabling device-based bookmarks, if I resume playing on device 1 it resumes at minute 10, while if I resume playing on device 2 it resumes at minute 40

The "virtual folders" and "device-based bookmarks" mods are tested on my devices for about 8 months on v. 1.1.1 and work flawlessly.

Recently ported to 1.1.3.

Hope you can merge these mods in the official release.


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  • Justin Maggard

    Justin Maggard - 2014-07-12

    This is going to conflict with some of my recent work. Can you break these up into separate patches, based off git master?

  • bitblasters

    bitblasters - 2014-07-12

    Sure, I'll split it tomorrow and post here 3 patches:
    1) virtual folders
    2) FLAG_SAMSUNG_DCM10 based on config
    3) device based bookmarks

    Edit: ok, I didn't see you setup the "magic container" infrastrucure, which is similar to my virtual folders (altough it seems better done, since it's more generic). However the git version misses the "Last viewed" container, so I need some time to better understand how the infrastructure works and adapt that from my patch.

    Thank you

    Last edit: bitblasters 2014-07-13
  • Pascal

    Pascal - 2014-11-27

    Hello! I have a problem with resuming playback on the Samsung ue46 F8000. The connection is DLNA-server using minidlna 1.1.3 downloaded from the repository Entware. Do you have solutions for this model of TV?

  • Lorenzo Zoffoli

    Lorenzo Zoffoli - 2015-05-26

    Is there an updated version of this patch for 1.1.4?

  • Shrimpkin

    Shrimpkin - 2015-06-19

    I modified a patch I've posted (#147) to try to handle device based bookmarks for Samsung. I don't actually own a Samsung tv, so I haven't been able to test the bookmark capabilities but it is based on the above patch.

    I've included a couple debugging lines if you decide to test this patch.


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