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#12 Basic Samsung TV xxC650 support

Unstable (example)

This patch will enable miniDLNA using to support most features of a Samsung LE40C650 LCD TV:

* thumbnails (patch from minidlna forum which produces jpeg thumbnails e.g. movie.avi.jpg)
* subtitle submenu, if external subtitles are found
* chapter selection (every 10% of the movie)
* Bookmarks (jump to last watched position)

However, there are still some risks involved:

* Switching to any different sort order than "basic" (blue "D"-Button on remote when in Video) will NOT work (TV freezes for about 90secs and stops media player)
* I have not tested against any other renderers. Though I tried to make every change specific to Samsung TVs, I cannot guarantee older Samsungs have Problems now.
* THIS IS STILL EARLY BETA (but I already use it)


  • DerGrinch

    DerGrinch - 2010-10-07

    I accidently changed the sort oder and now every time when I select "movies" I get a "Request could not be completed, MEDIA PLAY is switching back to main window." (Translated by me), and Im unable to change the sort oder. Do you have any hint how to solve it? Where does the TV saves the sort-oder? I already deleted the minidlna-db-file.

  • RandomCore

    RandomCore - 2010-10-08

    What to do if you accidentally changed the sort order on your TV?

    Stop your miniDLNA and start an instance of the PCShareManager and run your TV against it. Now you can switch back to the default sort order. The TV will only maintain one setting for this regardless of the media servers use.

  • DerGrinch

    DerGrinch - 2010-10-08

    Thanks, this solved my problem!

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2014-04-09


    is it possible to provide a current patch for the chapter selection respectively mta support? I compiled the git version and the official release statically for my pogoplug, but did not found this feature.


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