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.\" minidlnad man page
.TH minidlnad 8 "October 2012"
minidlnad \- MiniDLNA DLNA/UPnP-AV Server
minidlnad options

.B minidlna
is a lightweight but very functional DLNA/UPnP-AV server allowing easy 
sharing of your media files including pictures to any capable device or
client on your local wired and wireless network. Common PC software like 
totem is a good lightweight and fast choice for Linux/BSD; more fully
featured software for Linux, Windows and MAC is XBMC, also Mediahouse 
on Android, and any media sharing capable DVR/TV etc.

.B minidlna's 
options are normally set from the global /etc/minidlna.conf file.
But there may be times when you need to temporarily alter some of these options,
you can do this by running minidlna with the following command line switches.

.IP "\fB\-R\fR \fIRescan\fR"
This forces minidlna to rescan all of the media_dir directories.

.IP "\fB\-f\fR \fIconfig_file\fR"
Run minidlna with a different configuration file than the global default.

.IP "\fB\-a\fR \fIlistening_ip\fR"
If your machine has multiple IP's, you can tell minidlna to bind to a specific address.

.IP "\fB\-p\fR \fIport\fR"
Allows to run minidlna on a different port.

.IP "\fB\-w\fR \fIpresentation_url\fR"
Change the default presentation url address.

.IP "\fB\-d\fR \fIdebug\fR"
minidlna will run in the foreground with debug output.

.IP "\fB\-P\fR \fIpid_filename\fR"
Specify a location for the PID file.

.IP "\fB\-m\fR \fImodel\fR"
Force minidlna to report a specific model number.

.IP "\fB\-s\fR \fIserial\fR"
Force minidlna to report a specific serial number.

.IP "\fB\-t\fR \fInotify_interval\fR"
Change the notify interval, in seconds. Defaults to 895 seconds.

.IP "\fB\-h\fR \fIhelp\fR"
Show basic switch options for running minidlna.

.IP "\fB\-V\fR \fIVersion\fR"
Shows the program version number and exits.

This man page corresponds to minidlna version 1.1.0 

minidlna developed by Justin Maggard  https://sourceforge.net/projects/minidlna/
man page written by Noel Butler <noelb@ausics.net>