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--- a/upnpevents.h
+++ b/upnpevents.h
@@ -61,11 +61,10 @@
                          const char * callback, int callbacklen,
                          int timeout);
-upnpevents_removeSubscriber(const char * sid, int sidlen);
+int upnpevents_removeSubscriber(const char * sid, int sidlen);
+void upnpevents_removeSubscribers(void);
-renewSubscription(const char * sid, int sidlen, int timeout);
+int renewSubscription(const char * sid, int sidlen, int timeout);
 void upnpevents_selectfds(fd_set *readset, fd_set *writeset, int * max_fd);
 void upnpevents_processfds(fd_set *readset, fd_set *writeset);

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