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 1.1.0 - Released 00-Month-0000
 - Add support for other operating systems.
-- Switch to autoconf from our little genconfig.sh.
+- Switch to autoconf from our handcrafted genconfig.sh.
+- Add configuration option for UUID.
+- Add configuration option to specify the user to run as.
+1.0.25 - Released 13-July-2012
+- Fix a couple crash bugs on malformed WAV files.
+- Forcibly tweak the model number for Xbox360 clients, or they might ignore us.
+- Enable all network interfaces by default if none were specified.
+- Add flag to force downscaled thumbnails rather than using embedded ones.
+- Add DirecTV client detection, and fix image resolution issue.
+- Add support for the latest ffmpeg/libav library versions.
+- Fix a potential crash on requests for a resize of a non-existent image.
+- Make DeviceID checking more permissive for Sagem Radio.
 1.0.24 - Released 14-Feb-2012

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