#79 Please add alternative Media Database Update Mechanism.



with cifs mounted shares inotify doesnt work and due to this no media database updating is possible.

it would be very nice if minidlna gets an alternative media database update mechanism so that it also works with cifs mounts.

here is a link from the liknsys forums where the problem is also discussed:


Feature Requests: #68


  • Mathieu Jobin

    Mathieu Jobin - 2012-12-16

    Yes Please ! I need it.

    All my content is on a Solaris server on a ZFS volume shared via NFS
    ( I could not compile minidlna on my Solaris directly, but that is a separate issue. )

    I was surprise that minidlna does not auto-refresh... but now I understand it is because my data is networked.
    so, both cifs and nfs should be supported. (I'm willing to do the testing and provide the information you need so it works on my setup)

    right now, I am doing ```service minidlna force-reload```
    but it takes a long time ....

    ```service minidlna update``` or ```service minidlna refresh``` would be very awesome

    and to be very Unix-like

    kill -HUP <pid>

    should also be possible

    I'm also willing to give a small money contribution to this project. as it is very useful for me.

    please add the refresh option


  • wedok

    wedok - 2013-03-12

    come on.
    problem is so old.

    please fix. :)

  • Steven Blackburn

    Also the other issue with restarting the daemon is that anything currently playing from the server is stopped. Implementing a rescan interval or an url that can be curl'ed to trigger a rescan would be very useful.

  • James Hewitt

    James Hewitt - 2014-04-11

    This seems to be a duplicate of [#33]



    Feature Requests: #33

  • Steven Blackburn

    I agree it is a duplicate. I didn't notice the previous feature request when I commented.


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