#75 Exclude directories in media_dir


Minidlna just scans through the directories that you have added in minidla.conf.But there are cases of directories that you have in those media_dirs that you don't want to let scanned by minidlna by whatever reason, but moving them is not an option

Is it possible to add this functionality so you can exclude directories by directive?


  • buhtz

    buhtz - 2017-02-19

    What is the status of this very old FR?

    The referenced patch (#105) is a nice idea but not full functional. The point is that creating a .minidlnaignore file in such a directory would exclude that file from EVERY minidlna instances running.

    I would prefere do have a instance-related exclude option in the config-file. One instance should ignore the folder. Another should scan it.

    Solving is on filesystem level would create ugly directory structures with symlinks/mount-binds.

  • Shrimpkin

    Shrimpkin - 2017-04-23

    Not sure about the status of the patch but in theory you should be able to handle this by some basic system admin and file system permissions. Assign each minidlna a unique UID and set your file permissions. minidlna will not add what it cannot read.


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