#42 Folder Hierarchy


Would it be possible to impliment a different directory hierarchy? As of right now you have to select:

[Samsung Root Menu] > Videos > MiniDLNA > Videos > Shows > [Episode]

I think it would make it a bit better to do:

[Samsung Root Menu] > Video > Movies / TV Shows > [Video.mpg]
[Samsung Root Menu] > Pictures > [Photo.jpg]
[Samsung Root Menu] > Music > [Music.mp3]

The idea would be to keep your file organized on the server in there respective folders ie: TV Shows, Movies, Pictures, Music and than also serve that same organization to the media device. The other idea would include making the hierarchy completely customizable.


  • artomason

    artomason - 2011-07-10
    • priority: 5 --> 6
  • Leon Botha

    Leon Botha - 2011-09-11

    As the Samsung can only support 100 pages, is it possible to use the directory structure from the drive?
    Video/Animation - then all the Animation folders under this
    Video/Series - then all the Series folders under this

    At the moment i have all the folders under :

  • pilothaz

    pilothaz - 2012-07-30

    I would like to have this working for mine. The one issue I have with minidlna is that my movie folder is mixed in with my tv series... This is something that I had differentiated in serviio which I loved.

    Also to change up with the filename with the episode name only so it is nicer to browse through.

  • Leon Botha

    Leon Botha - 2012-07-30

    Hi pilothaz

    As i had no reply on this, the only way for me to solve this was to re-look at my server....
    I know that what i have done is NOT the most practical, but i needed to solve it quick.

    I implemented a "Sub-Dir" structure as follow:
    Samsung Root Menu] > Video > 001_Animation - all my Animation
    Samsung Root Menu] > Video > 002_Animé - all my Animé
    Samsung Root Menu] > Video > 003_Series - all my Series
    Samsung Root Menu] > Video > All my video's

    I still have a issue as my video's are mounting.. i am on page 62, so this is only a temporary resolve.

    I can't see Samsung doing anything about this, so i hope that our MiniDLnA developer can implement a more elegant way to overcome the Samsung 101 Page limit.


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