#41 Folder Image support


I all,
could you please support folder images?
e.g. in attached image you can see a set of folders having differents folder.jpg files in them (there is a folder.jpg file in "24" folder, a different folder.jpg file in "Alias" folder, ...)
I think it is a very important feature and quite easy to implement I suppose :-)


  • Giangi72

    Giangi72 - 2011-07-08
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Giangi72

    Giangi72 - 2011-07-22

    Hi all.
    I think I have found the solution.
    I read the code and I think it would be enough the following modify:

    In scanner.c file, in insert_directory method replace the row
    detailID = GetFolderMetadata(name, path, NULL, NULL, NULL);
    album_art = find_album_art(path, NULL, 0);
    detailID = GetFolderMetadata(name, path, NULL, album_art );

    Could some developer please insert it in file and test it?
    It should be a very quick test.

  • Joe

    Joe - 2014-03-05

    This can be closed. This feature exists in 1.1.1 exactly as requested.

  • Justin Maggard

    Justin Maggard - 2014-03-05
    • status: open --> closed
    • assigned_to: Justin Maggard

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