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Hi, i have created a path, that can disable extended directories like All Music, Folders, etc, that you only have the shated paths shown in the Music folder. Feel free to use it in the project (please include it :) )

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  • Dennis  Lopeman

    Dennis Lopeman - 2014-12-10

    I agree... I bet there's lot of folks out there that have rather organized media and want to simply browse each content. I posted in the Discussion an idea - here's that snippet:

    I also don't prefer the "Recent 50 x" folder and commented out all the pertinent lines in


            /* Recent 50 audio items */
            //{ "Recently Added",
              //"\"1$FF0$\" || OBJECT_ID",
              //"(select null from DETAILS where MIME glob 'a*' and timestamp > (strftime('%s','now') - "NINETY_DAYS") limit 50)",
              //"MIME glob 'a*' and REF_ID is NULL and timestamp > (strftime('%s','now') - "NINETY_DAYS")",
              //"order by TIMESTAMP DESC",

    etc etc etc for all 3 stanzas

    Is there a better way?? Maybe an addition to minidlna.conf could be cool, like:

    I messed with the root_container setting, but it seems to be just for music (after a rescan it only showed music file, even in all my other media_dir... It might be cool to have something similar for the media lines... like:


    Where the B (or whatever letter) denotes that you only want to Browse the content of that type. (maybe I should add this to the enhancement requests!)

    To be fair, I may need to play with root_container and merge_media_dirs more. I do not want to merge (which is the default)... so probably mostly root_container!

    Thanks in advance.

  • Dennis  Lopeman

    Dennis Lopeman - 2014-12-11

    UH... hmmm... so what is the diff.diff file??? How do I use it (or try it) ?

  • Dennis  Lopeman

    Dennis Lopeman - 2014-12-12

    OK - I figured out how to use the patch command to use this DIFF... however, I used it but I will see all the Special folders. Is there a setting that I need to use in minidlna.conf or something?

  • Martin Letacek

    Martin Letacek - 2014-12-16

    It's as easy as running 'patch < diff.diff' on linux console (in root directory of the project). This will modify all the required lines.

    Then you can add 'disable_extended_directories=1' into the minidlna.conf and recreate the database

    Last edit: Martin Letacek 2014-12-16
  • Rafal

    Rafal - 2016-02-29

    Is that patch included in 1.1.5 version?
    If no, would it be possible to have that in next release, please?
    I agree with Dennis that there is probably a lot of users who would be very happy to see the customization to get rid virtual folders.

  • Shrimpkin

    Shrimpkin - 2016-03-13

    I prefer the virtual folders and have patches that create additional virtual folders. The code is opensource and available for modding to your liking.

  • Rafal

    Rafal - 2016-03-13

    It's OK, that you prefer virtual folders with even ability to create additional of them but why to not satisfy both groups of users and provide also possibility to disable virtual folders as the option in official build?
    Justification for that request is simple: virtual folder "Recently added" doesn't work - next added items to your library above 50 will not appear in "Recently added" https://sourceforge.net/p/minidlna/bugs/260/

  • Shrimpkin

    Shrimpkin - 2016-03-22

    The project's current status is more or less in bug fix mode: https://sourceforge.net/p/minidlna/bugs/272/#f3d7 . If you want additional features, you're most likely on your own.

    If you think you've found a bug, post details on how to duplicate the issue and what you expected to happen. Just saying something doesn't work is not very helpful.

  • Rafal

    Rafal - 2016-03-22

    "Details on how to duplicate the issue" ?
    This is already provided above: "next added items to the library (more than 50) does not appear in "Recently added" magic folder. How to duplicate that behavior? Just add 51 movie to your library and it will not appear in that folder.
    This is just obvious bug. Going to add that description to https://sourceforge.net/p/minidlna/bugs/260/ as well although I did not reported this originally.

  • Shrimpkin

    Shrimpkin - 2016-03-23

    I cannot reproduce the issue. Provide more details in the other thread.


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