randomcore Patch (Samsung 2010 TVs)

  • Japers

    Japers - 2010-10-22

    I have been a keen reader of the "miniDLNA on Samsung C650" thread and cannot thank enough randomcore, fr3d and the others involved for making it a perfectly working solution for me. I can't help notice that the original thread has veered off from its title - because of people like me on my C8000!

    I thought it might be useful to start a new general thread which perhaps could focus on requests and bug fixes. It seems that this patch works perfectly with some and unreliably for others- maybe if we all share our setups we might be able to iron out the remaining problems? I have kept out the automatic library rescan from my results as I think this is platform specific?

    My setup:
    Samsung C8000 (Iomega ARM NAS)

    SD - All working (all = Bookmark, Chaptering, Thumbnails, Subtitle Menu, Sorting Mode Bug p3/post22 )
    720p - All working
    1080p - All working


  • Japers

    Japers - 2010-10-22

    Now for features I think would be usefuL;

    1) Ability to turn off thumbnailing in minidlna.conf - I personally love it and use it but I think this could cause issues as it needs a long long long time for big libraries. I am happy to be patient.

    2) Merge mta & jpeg files? Under Samsung PC Share Manager I only notice it creates mta files yet thumbnail images work. I assume the thumbnails are inserted into the mta file?

  • DerGrinch

    DerGrinch - 2010-10-22

    My suggestion: Add them as developers and merge the code to upstream, maybe with a "samsung-switch" in the conf (or it should detect it with the useragent anyway). Of course only if jmaggard wants this.


  • Boulange

    Boulange - 2010-10-24


    TV : Samsung Plasma PS50C6500 (T-VALDEUC-2004.0 firmware)
    Device : DLink NAS DNS-323 (Linux ARM firmware v1.9)
    miniDLNA : Source v1.0.18 patched with randomcore V2


    SD : All working
    720p : All working
    1080p : All working

    By the way I added a small modification to the source to handle mp4 video file so the video thumbnail and the MTA file are generated for these kind of media as well


    Try to find out how to lure the Samsung TV not to choose the first audio track in MKV file
    - add a new parameter  in minidlna.conf : preferenced audio language
    - use default language audio if available (if not use 1st audio track found)
    - send default audio track "as" the first audio track to the Samsung TV so it will play it instead of the first audio track of the MKV file


  • Japers

    Japers - 2010-10-25

    From the C650 thread:

    - If thumbnailing switched off, ability to use stub images for chaptering (perhaps showing %) and maybe same for library view.

  • RandomCore

    RandomCore - 2010-10-27

    Sorry, I just found this thread. :-)

    @jaspers75: I'd actually thought about merging MTA and JPG files. Instead of the standard 15% one would use the first chapter thumbnail.

    @fr3d: The stupid audio language problem is of some concern to me. Still I haven't had the faintest idea on how to persuade my TV to switch. Of course, one could convert the file itself, but that would leave out any NAS devices around.

    @fr3d: What's the change for the mp4 files? just add the file ending?

    cu, RandomCore

  • Boulange

    Boulange - 2010-10-29

    @fr3d: What's the change for the mp4 files? just add the file ending?

    Yeap just modifiy the sources to add *.mp4 extension where it looks for other video extension (one in albumart.c for the video thumbnails and onther one in up*** where it creates the mta files).

    @fr3d: The stupid audio language problem is of some concern to me

    Indeed :)
    My idea was to lure the TV about the default audio track, I mean minidlna scan the mkv file I think and it detects the differents tracks (audio, video, etc). Samsung TV only 'play' the first (*) audio track but if minidlna was able to send the mkv file in a way that the fisrt audio track is the one we choose that will do the job…

    (*) I tried different mkv files where I modified 'default audio track' / 'forced audio track' and all available option in a MKV container but in the end Samsung TV only played the audio track #1 !

    Best regards,


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