inotify error!! Please Help

  • Raj

    Raj - 2010-12-31

    I have successfully installed minidlna latest version and changed conf file for video directory. But when I run minidlna the log file has the following error and I don't see any folders when I access it from Samsung BD Player. Please help.

    minidlna.c:720: warn: Starting MiniDLNA version 1.0.18 .
    minidlna.c:808: warn: HTTP listening on port 8200
    inotify.c:89: error: inotify_add_watch(/mnt/HD_a2/Movies)
    inotify.c:89: error: inotify_add_watch(/mnt/HD_a2/Movies)

  • dutchfish

    dutchfish - 2011-01-01


    You didn't tell us what distribution you are running and what version of libc6-dev and what kernel you are using.

    Changes are that your libc6-dev on your system is broken or to old for the kernel you are running.

    You can force the compilation to use linux/inotify.h instead of the GNU version (sys/inotify.h) by commenting out ./config.h like this:

    #define HAVE_INOTIFY_H -> /* #define HAVE_INOTIFY_H */

    Then run MAKE again.

    The other option is to use a newer libc6-dev.

    let us know if that worked.

  • Mihai B

    Mihai B - 2011-01-29

    I'm having the same problem, i get the same message in the log.
    I'm trying to run minidlna on a D-link DNS-321.
    The Kernel version is
    I've downloaded the latest src version minidlna_1.0.18_src.tar.gz, applied the Samsung patch (minidlna.samsung_patch20101009_mta2).
    The compilation flag HAVE_INOTIFY_H is commented out /* #define HAVE_INOTIFY_H */
    then i've edited the to update the library location from /usr/include to /ffp/include  and run make
    The minidna.config inotify setting is set to inotify=yes and notify_interval=120 (sec, for testing purposes)
    i've started the resulting minidlna in both debug (-d) and daemon , and i've got the same error on the screen/in the log inotify.c:89: error: inotify_add_watch(/mnt/HD_a2/Dir)
    After this, it looks like no notification is received, so the db is not updated unless I stop minidlna and restart it with -R flag.

    Any help on solving this is welcomed.

  • Mihai B

    Mihai B - 2011-04-03

    It looks like it was a bad build. After getting the latest CVS, and building it on the device, the error was gone.


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