Xbox 360 Audio not working

  • nivlem

    nivlem - 2011-01-15

    Hi all,

    I have setup miniDLNA on my Debian 5 Box. I have edited the config file (see below) and my Xbox 360 can see the movies no problem. so i have succeeded in one of my tasks.

    My problem is i cannot see my audio through the xbox 360 like i can see the movies.

    Now obviously you can see i have the audio line commented out in the config at present but even if  i remove the comment i cannot see the files through the xbox.

    i have tried to restart my server and naturally if the debian server itself is restarted the miniDLNA service has been restarted too.

    I have noticed 2 odd thigns that i need help with if possible.

    1) when i add movies to the folder share on my debian box i dont see them on the xbox.

    2) if i comment out the movie line media_dir=V, /mnt/data/movies and uncomment the line #  media_dir=A, /mnt/data/Music Albums nothing changes at all, even if i restart the server i can still see the movies even though i have effectivly told the config not to?

    Can anyone help please?


    # port for HTTP (descriptions, SOAP, media transfer) traffic
    # network interface to bind to (this is the only interface that will serve files)
    # network_interface=eth0
    # set this to the directory you want scanned.
    # * if have multiple directories, you can have multiple media_dir= lines
    # * if you want to restrict a media_dir to a specific content type, you
    #   can prepend the type, followed by a comma, to the directory:
    #   + "A" for audio  (eg. media_dir=A,/home/jmaggard/Music)
    #   + "V" for video  (eg. media_dir=V,/home/jmaggard/Videos)
    #   + "P" for images (eg. media_dir=P,/home/jmaggard/Pictures)
    # media_dir=/opt
    #  media_dir=A, /mnt/data/Music Albums
    media_dir=V, /mnt/data/movies
    #  media_dir=A, /mnt/data/MP3s
    #  media_dir=A, /mnt/data/Music Albums
    # set this if you want to customize the name that shows up on your clients
    friendly_name=Movie Server
    # set this if you would like to specify the directory where you want MiniDLNA to store its database and album art cache
    # this should be a list of file names to check for when searching for album art
    # note: names should be delimited with a forward slash ("/")
    # set this to no to disable inotify monitoring to automatically discover new files
    # note: the default is yes
    # set this to yes to enable support for streaming .jpg and .mp3 files to a TiVo supporting HMO
    # set this to strictly adhere to DLNA standards.
    # * This will allow server-side downscaling of very large JPEG images,
    #   which may hurt JPEG serving performance on (at least) Sony DLNA products.
    # default presentation url is http address on port 80
    # notify interval in seconds. default is 895 seconds.
    # serial and model number the daemon will report to clients
    # in its XML description
  • Justin Maggard

    Justin Maggard - 2011-01-19

    You need to rescan after you change your media_dir configs.  You can do that with the -R command line option to minidlna, or by removing the database.


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